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The business of making racing and betting systems pay depends on the exercise of flair and judgement. Automatic racing systems can be dangerous in the wrong hands for, whatever the past and present portents, they can never be absolutely relied upon to deliver the goods. But then nor can flair and judgement, and there is no doubt that the regime of following some organised system of betting can help many punters to chart their way through the betting minefield. There is room therefore for both approaches. It is hoped however that anyone using the free systems below will use the knowledge gained from them wisely and well.


Free Horse Racing Systems:

Unnamed Favourite System

Rules: Find the race with the lowest prize money for the winner (UK meetings only). Bet the favourite to win, but without naming it.

System Staking:

1 pts to win on each day's selected race.

In the unlikely event of there being more than one race carrying the lowest winning prize, stake 5 pts to win on each.

System Logic: Following the market can be misleading in high value and high profile races. The shrewd money is often masked by uneducated money.

That is not the case in low value races, which are mainly ignored by amateur punters. Following the market in these races tends to be more reliable.

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Recovery Mission System

Rules: Bet any horse to win that was a beaten favourite on its latest run (within the last 50 days), provided that it is being ridden by the top jockey at today's track. The top jockey for this purpose is defined as the one (of those riding today) with the most course winners over the last 5 seasons (as given in the Racing Post) - should there be two jockeys with the same total, there is no bet for that meeting.

System Staking:

1pts to win on each selection.

In the unlikely event of there being equal 'top jockeys' for a particular course, there will be no bets at that course for that day.

System Logic:

Having been expected to win on its last outing but failing to do so, a horse is now being partnered by the leading jockey at today's track in an attempt to recover previous losses.

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Horses for Distances System

Rules: In any race, bet a horse if it is the only previous winner over today's distance, provided that it is also one of the first three named in the Racing Post betting forecast. System applies to UK races only.

System Staking:

1pts to win on each selection.

System Logic: Horses are very susceptible to changes in distance. They may not perform at their best with even a slight increase or decrease in the distance they have to run. If there is only one horse that has previously won over today's distance it may well hold a big advantage over the others.

More than half of all winners are in the first three named in the Racing Post betting forecast, so this qualifying factor eliminates no-hopers whose distance win may have been a long time ago, or in a very low grade.

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Recent Winner System

Rules: On any day, select the horse which has the least number of days since its last win. If there is more than one qualifier in different races on the same day, they are all bet equally to win. If there is more than one qualifier in the same race, the race will be ignored. System applies to UK races only.

System Staking:

1pts to win on each selection.

System Logic:

Horses which are in top form are often likely to follow up a recent win. They are sometimes entered again quickly to avoid big penalties from the handicapper. They are often horses that thrive on quick reappearances, and once they hit form are difficult to stop whilst in the same mood.

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In-form Distance Winner System


Bet any horse that won its last race, provided that the win came within the last ten days, and provided that it has also previously won over the distance of today's race. Ignore any race in which there is more than one qualifier. System applies to both flat and NH racing. System applies to UK races only.

System Staking:

1pts win on each selection.

System Logic: This system plays on the advantages of in-form horses which were very successfully highlighted in System 6 (Recent Winners), but with the additional option of being able to use more than one selection in any one racing day if appropriate.

The qualifying criteria of at least one previous distance win should restrict the number of bets to an acceptable level, whilst also ensuring that today's trip is suitable for the already in-form runners

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Longest Travellers System


Bet the horse travelling the longest distance of the day, provided that there is only one qualifier. If the longest trip of the day is being made by more than one horse there is no bet. System applies to UK races only.

System Staking:

1pts win on each selection.

System Logic:

Horses don't normally travel alone for extreme distances unless they are thought to have a reasonable chance of success. Sometimes, when a stable or training centre already have a few representatives making the trip it isn't a hardship to include one or two more, but sole representatives on long journeys tend to be on a mission,  If you follow any of these free racing systems, remember to use your judgement and enjoy, beating the bookies!

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